NC Magazine Prints Drug-Case Details To Scare People Straight


A new magazine in North Carolina discloses privileged information from a federal criminal investigation that sent a man to prison for life, reports the Raleigh News & Observer. Some say Diamond Resort Magazine, which has sold about 1,000 copies at $10 apiece, is a tool to intimidate potential witnesses from testifying at criminal trials. The magazine reprints court documents including witness interviews and plea agreements, and it refers to “snitching” as violating the “code of the street.”

“People are already afraid to give information anonymously,” said Donna-maria Harris, whose 24-year-old son was murdered five years ago. Harris was appalled when she found out information about her son’s death was in the magazine. “Now we have a magazine that’s printing information about who comes forward, with their names and pictures. To me it’s just one step above kiddie porn. It comes across as an intimidation tactic.” The magazine’s publisher, Delora Croudy, 23, said her motive is to scare young people straight.

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