Critics: Schwarzenegger Idea Of Limiting Prison Costs Not Doable


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed in his State of the State speech yesterday a mandate that the state invest more dollars each year in its public universities than in locking people up in prison. The Los Angeles Times says that to many inside the State Capitol, that idea appears all but unattainable.“What does it say about a state that focuses more on prison uniforms than caps and gowns?” Schwarzenegger said. “The priorities have become out of whack. [] Thirty years ago, 10 percent of the general fund went to higher education and 3 percent went to prisons. Today, almost 11 percent goes to prisons and only 7.5 percent goes to higher education.” The governor called for a constitutional amendment that would prohibit corrections spending from outstripping funds for higher education by 2014-2015. The plan would require approval from lawmakers and voters.

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