Security Worked At Fatal Las Vegas Courthouse Shooting


The Las Vegas courthouse where a security officer was killed yesterday was the first federal building designed with security measures prompted by the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, says the Las Vegas Sun. Little can be done, it seems, to stop a lone gunman from entering a lobby and, before reaching the security measures, opening fire. A gunman, apparently angry over Social Security benefits, fired his gun just inside the lobby, killing a security officer and wounding a marshal before fleeing and being shot dead across the street.

“The security worked exactly as designed,” said FBI agent Joseph Dickey. “They kept him out of the building. He did not get inside because of the heroic acts of the officers involved.” The exterior of the courthouse, with concrete walls and elevated plaza, was designed in part to prevent individuals from driving a bomb-carrying vehicle into the building, as was the case with Oklahoma City’s Murrah Building.

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