Medical Pot Legal In MI, But Some Cities Bar Pot Dispensaries


Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, but communities are putting up barriers to block entrepreneurs from setting up shop in what critics say is a clear attempt to subvert the law, reports the Detroit News. Cities are taking vastly different approaches to regulating how medical pot is dispensed . They range from bans in Livonia to months-long moratoriums on marijuana businesses in Grand Rapids and Saginaw, to an environment of open mindedness in Hazel Park, where city leaders see pot dispensaries as a potential revenue source.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is keeping an eye on the dizzying array of laws popping up across the state as local leaders from big cities to rural enclaves try to interpret Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act, which passed in 2008 by 63 percent and establishes the right of certified patients and caregivers to possess pot. Patients can legally use it. Grand Rapids City Planning Director Suzanne Schulz, who has proposed allowing dispensation only from medical facilities and homes, and banning stand-alone dispensaries, said, “For local communities, there is not an option of not doing anything. You need to pass a moratorium or come up with some language that discusses these dispensaries.”

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