New CA Gun-Tracing Law May Mean Fewer New Gun Models


California regulators have approved far fewer semi-automatic pistols for sale under a state law that required new safety devices in 2006 and 2007, says the Sacramento Bee. Now, with a new bullet-stamping law scheduled to take effect tomorrow, the gun industry predicts it will introduce even fewer new models in California rather than install a device necessary to trace individual casings to a statewide database.

“California will become like Cuba with cars,” said Lawrence Keane of the National Shooting Sports Founation, which represents the gun industry. “You will only be able to get very old models of guns.” Starting tomorrow, state law requires that new semi-automatic handguns include an innovative firing pin that stamps microscopic characters onto cartridge cases. It was intended to ensure that every bullet casing at a crime scene has a license number on it, traceable to a statewide gun database. Whether that ever happens, though, depends on a few hurdles, not the least of which is how gun makers respond. The law is on hold as state officials work out regulations governing how new guns will be approved.

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