Accused Letterman Blackmailer Invokes A Tiger Woods Defense


David Letterman’s accused blackmailer is invoking the Tiger Woods scandal to get his case dismissed, reports the New York Daily News. Robert Halderman’s attorney argued in court papers that if it’s not a crime for mistresses to seek payoffs from the golf great, his client shouldn’t be punished for trying to make a deal with Letterman. Defense lawyer Gerald Shargel cited reports that women linked to Woods were paid for their silence. “Their behavior was capitalist, not criminal,” Shargel said. “[The] reality is that evidence of celebrity misdeeds has a significant fair market value.”

Halderman, a former producer for CBS’s “48 Hours,” was charged in October with trying to extort $2 million from Letterman to keep quiet about the TV host’s extramarital affairs. Shargel noted that Rachel Uchitel reportedly got $5 million to keep text messages and voicemails from Woods secret after her lawyer, Gloria Allred, scheduled a press conference. “No criminal charges have been filed against Uchitel, for extortion or any other crime,” Shargel said.

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