Texas County Builds Crime Scene Re-Creation Room


This summer, the Montgomery County, Tx., Sheriff’s Office became the only law enforcement agency in the Houston region to have a dedicated room for crime scene reconstruction, reports the Houston Chronicle. With movable walls, piles of cardboard and rolls of white paper, stsaff membersr can re-create a murder, robbery, or any other crime to help investigators solve and answer nagging questions or to give jurors a clearer look at what may have happened or not happened during a crime.

So far, Montgomery County’s crime scene unit has re-created two crime scenes in its new space, including one that recently resulted in a life sentence for the defendant, who was found guilty of stabbing and beating his wife to death with a bar stool. Investigators wanted to make sure there were no unanswered questions. Prosecutors had planned to use the reconstruction during the trial by having the jurors visit the room, but officials decided the visit wasn’t needed. Prosecutor Brett Ligon said the room is a good police tool and an asset for both prosecuting and defense attorneys to see evidence in a sterile environment. “We have used it on several occasions for staging or to answer questions,” he said.

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