Fall Seattle Area Police Toll: Five Officers Dead, Three Wounded


After a new shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in a domestic violence case, five officers are dead and three have been wounded in the Seattle area since Oct. 31, says the Seattle Times. “This should underline and make clear the fact that people who wear badges risk things. They risk themselves for perfect strangers,” said Pierce County, Wa., Sheriff Paul Pastor.

This week’s case involved David Crable, 35, who was shot to death by a deputy after two deputies were called to the home of Jason Crable, who said his “drunk and belligerent” brother was an unwanted guest. David Crable had been the subject of restraining orders sought by his brother and mother. Asked what might have caused this week’s attack, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said, “There’s not going to be an answer that makes any sense, other than that he wanted to kill these officers. It was emotion filled with alcohol and violence.”

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