IL Releasing Burglars, Repeat DUIs, Financial Criminals Early


An initiative by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to save taxpayers about $5 million annually by letting 1,000 inmates out of prison early is off to a rocky start — with dozens of burglars, repeat drunken drivers, and financial criminals all being sent home for the holidays, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. When the state announced the program, it said that only “low-level, non-violent” criminals were to be let out and placed on home confinement ahead of their planned parole dates.

An analysis of an early-release list of 204 inmates showed that, as of last week, there were 40 burglars, 18 felony DUI drivers, 28 financial criminals — including forgers and thieves — and one attempted robber among the inmates sent home early. Most of the other early-release inmates were incarcerated for drug crimes. Some had as much as one year shaved off their prison time.

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