WA Gov Convenes Summit On Lessons From Police Killings


Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire is convening a summit of key law-enforcement groups Dec. 30 to discuss “lessons learned” from the assassination of four Lakewood police officers, reports the Seattle Times. Gregoire asked leaders of five organizations to compile a list of needed changes to state law, policy or the Constitution. “We all know there will always be bad people who do bad things, but we can also always do better,” Gregoire said.

The summit adds to momentum in the state legislature toward a review of how the criminal-justice system handled the shooter, Maurice Clemmons, 37. The Arkansas native, a repeat felon, was on corrections department supervision and was out on bail for pending assault and child-rape charges at the time of the shootings. Rep. Mike Hope, a Seattle police officer, has focused on Clemmons’ ability to bail out of jail six days before the shootings – despite facing a potential life sentence under the “third strike” law. Hope has proposed a constitutional amendment to deny bail for offenders facing a “third strike” charge.

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