Accused PA Cop Killer Was Wearing Electronic Monitoring Device


A man charged with killing a Penn Hills, Pa., police officer was out of prison on parole after serving the minimum of a 2 1/2- to 5-year sentence for a firearms conviction, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Ronald Robinson would have remained in prison until February had he served his maximum sentence for illegally possessing a handgun; the state parole board released him in 2007.

Robinson went to a home to collect on a drug deal. Within minutes, police said, he shot and killed a man who owed him $500 and then fatally shot police officer Michael Crawshaw. At the time of his arrest, Robinson was wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle. The device shows when an offender leaves his home and returns, but do not contain GPS technology. Parole agents can see if an offender violates curfew or tries to remove the device, but cannot see where he is a given time.

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