Justice’s #2 Ogden Quits; Lacked Criminal Law Credibility


Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, who announced his resignation yesterday, didn't mesh well with Attorney General Eric Holder and his close-knit group of aides, reports MainJustice.com. Ogden didn't have a deep background in criminal law or national security, which made it hard for him to win credibility with prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sources tell the Web site.

Ogden's comfort zone appeared to be in civil matters. But that led him to make frequent incursions onto the turf of his friend, Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, who oversees the Civil Division. Thus Ogden lost the support of an important ally with close White House connections. Ogden's command of civil law had been thought to complement Holder's experience as a prosecutor and as a U.S. Attorney. But that didn't bear out.

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