Fewer Domestic-Violence Victims Able To Leave Abusers


Shelters around Detroit report that fewer domestic-violence victims are able to gain financial freedom from their abusers as they face scarce resources, like jobs and affordable housing, the Detroit News reports. Shelters and nonprofits say they are responding to more crisis calls, as financial stresses are in some cases pushing domestic assailants over the edge.

Getting victims free from their abusers is critical as violent incidents have grown more lethal in recent years. Last month, members of two families died in southeastern Michigan in separate domestic murder-suicides. “The violence we’re seeing is more and more horrific,” said Sue Coates of Turning Point Inc. in Mount Clemens. About 30 percent of victims seeking shelter at the agency in previous years did not have jobs. Now that figure is closer to 75 percent, she said. Experts say finances can often determine whether a victim leaves an abuser for good.

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