New Miami Mayor Will Try To Remove Timoney As Police Chief


Within two years of John Timoney’s being named Miami police chief in 2003, he would turn a sometimes trigger-happy force into one where no officer fired a weapon for 20 months, says the Miami Herald. Bad cops were punished. Crime dipped. Now the chief finds himself in a very public political fight, with his Miami career on the line. Tomás Regalado, who won Tuesday’s mayoral election in a landslide, wants the chief out and says he’ll keep pressing until he is.

“I love it here,” said Timoney, 61. “I’ve had a great time. We have lots of work to do, lots of plans.” It’s the first showdown of the new Miami administration, pitting a political naysayer who rose to office on a tide of public discontent against a nationally known police chief not shy to tangle. Regalado can’t fire the chief — but he can fire the city manager, who controls personnel. City commissioners would have to sign off on the chief’s ouster. “My move is to keep saying to the manager, `I’m very uncomfortable with the chief,’ ” Regalado said. “I will say that every day. People get messages.”

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