Pittsburgh Antiviolence Campaign To Get Help From Cincinnati


Pittsburgh will bring in a research team from Cincinnati to help develop an antiviolence effort, David Kennedy of John Jay College of Criminal Justice tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The University of Cincinnati team has experience identifying violent groups, mapping out their relationships, and planning the clean-up-or-else meetings that precede a gang crackdown. The team “will help produce the snapshot of the streets. Where are the groups that are driving violence in the city? What are their relationships with one another?” Kennedy said.

The team is led by Robin Engel, director of the University of Cincinnati Policing Institute, who is crafting an Ohio-wide anti-gang drive. Pittsburgh homicides are down 40 percent from last year, but Kennedy said, “However high it is, it’s too high, and we can bring it down some more.” After Cincinnati adopted Kennedy’s model, kllings dropped from 89 in 2006 to 68 in 2007.

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