SWAT Teams View New Technologies In PA Gathering


Police SWAT teams are being offered a $40,000 “microdrone” that can hover over a target and beam images to an operator on the ground, says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Tactical Electronics of Virginia Beach, Va., is selling the German-made, propeller-powered craft in the U.S. domestic market, and it was one of the hottest items on display yesterday during a gathering of the Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association. “This is much more advanced than your model aircraft,” said a company representative.

Among items for sale: bulletproof vests, sniper scopes, and a .50-caliber rifle that fires armor-piercing rounds and can hit a target a mile away. The tactical officers association was created in 2005. Today and tomorrow, 200 police officers will have a chance to attend classes on sniper operations, the use of less-lethal munitions, and a dozen other topics.

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