CA Prison Stalemate Prompts Schwarzenegger Contempt Request


Saying California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is thumbing his nose at three federal judges with a flawed plan to ease overpopulation of prisons, inmates’ attorneys have asked the judges to find the governor in contempt, reports the Sacramento Bee.

Rather than complying with the three-judge panel’s Aug. 4 order, a defiant Schwarzenegger and correction secretary Matthew Cate “essentially have told the court that they will reduce the prison population as the state sees fit, to a level the state deems appropriate, and in a time frame the state has set for itself,” the attorneys wrote. Responded a Schwarzenegger spokeswoman: “The state filed a plan that complies with population reduction and does not create undue risk to public safety, and we continue to object to the panel’s arbitrary cap under a two-year timeline and are continuing our appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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