Sentencing, Corrections and Re-Entry: A Comparative Look at Wisconsin and the Nation


sentencing_corrections_and_reentry_apr_24_and_25_page_1On April 24th and April 25, 2009, an Advanced Journalism Seminar took place at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Conducted by the Center on Media, Crime and Justice and Pew Center on the States, 21 regional journalism fellows gathered for two days to discuss sentencing, corrections and re-entry in the State of Wisconsin.

Fellows continue your conversation.

Speakers included, Hon. Michael Malmstadt, Retired Judge, Milwaukee Children’s Court, Senator Lena Taylor, Chair, Wisconsin Senate Judiciary Committee and mary Kay Kollat, Re-entry Director, Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Access the program and speaker list here.

A comprehensive guide of available resources was compiled for the journalism symposium. Research includes:

Access the complete resource guide here.

Read articles from journalism fellows

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