Carroll, New IACP Head, Will Stress Better Training, Personal Contact


Michael J. Carroll, West Goshen Township, Pa.’s police chief for the last 21 years, is the new president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, a nonprofit, 106-year-old organization that promotes professionalism in global policing, says the Philadelphia Inquiry. Carroll, 66, a father of four and grandfather of 11, traces his start in law enforcement to his military service from 1961 to ’65.

As IACP head, Carroll plans to promote two initiatives: improving police safety training and reemphasizing personal contact in policing. “Our training has not evolved with” the escalating violence that officers face, Carroll said. He wants to revamp the police academy’s courses so that officers learn skills such as shooting while in motion, using vehicles as a shield, and recognizing the signs that a perpetrator could turn violent. He contends that because personal contact has decreased, the tremendous advances in resources such as DNA and fingerprint databases have not led to an increase in solving crimes. “We’ve emphasized technology and deemphasized personal partnerships,” Carroll said. “Some police departments now have community-policing units. We need the whole department to be community-oriented.”

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