Polanski Prison Time Deserved: NY Times Columnist


Roman Polanski should serve his time for his long-ago sex offense, says New York Times columnist Jim Dwyer. “The case remains open for one reason: He ran,” Dwyer says. The columnist reviews the facts of the case and notes that “the criminal justice system is often warped by the status of the victims or those charged with the crime, and not always in ways that favor the prominent or well known.” Most people arrested on the same gun charge as pro football star Plaxico Burress get less than a year in prison, Burress is serving a two-year term.

In Polanski’s case, the victim she doesn’t favor prolonging it. Rachel Lloyd, founder of the Girls Educational and Mentoring Service, an organization that looks after girls and young women in New York who have been sexually abused, says Polanski has a way to close the case out: “Come back. Serve your time. Let this woman get on with her life.”

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