Boston Plans To Fire Any Cop Caught Lying


Vowing to bolster the Boston police department's legitimacy in the eyes of the public, police commissioner Edward Davis is finalizing a new policy that allows him to fire any cop caught lying in the line of duty, reports the Boston Herald. “This is a no-brainer – everybody understands truthfulness is fundamental to being a police officer,” Davis said. The policy comes after high-profile lying cases that have led to civil suits, tarnished the department's reputation, left a trail of victims, and undermined the department's community standing.

The proposed “bright line” policy would be one of the toughest in the nation and has riled at least one national union. Davis said it has passed the city's legal review and he hopes to implement it as soon as possible. “It's the right thing to do,” said Davis, who underscored that the policy would be a one-strike-and-you're-out approach. “It's a hard process to implement,” he added.

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