Milwaukee Police Investigate Seller Of Crime Guns


In a monthslong undercover mission, Milwaukee police turned up the heat on Badger Guns, which sells a large percentage of firearms that are seized by police, according to new gun-trace data reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Badger Guns, and its predecessor, Badger Outdoors, have accounted for roughly one-third of all crime guns traced by Milwaukee police in the past four years. No other store in the state comes close to that figure.

A total of 1,880 crime guns recovered in Milwaukee were linked to Badger between January 2006 and Sept. 1 – or more than one a day, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis. Badger isn’t just the biggest seller of crime guns in Milwaukee, but among the biggest in the nation. Badger Outdoors was one of the top sellers a decade ago and was No. 1 as of 2005, according to federal data. Congress has since forbidden the release of such rankings. Said Police Chief Ed Flynn: “They know to whom they are selling, they know what is happening with their product, they know citizens in Milwaukee are dying, and they don’t care.”

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