1,000 Visiting Cops Help At Pittsburgh Summit


Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl yesterday swore in about 1,000 visiting law enforcement officers for service in the city during the G-20 Summit, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “They’re here because they were recommended by their police chiefs,” the mayor said. They will be working 12 hours on duty, 12 hours off, like local officers. The contract between the city and those agencies bars officers with recent disciplinary problems from joining the G-20 force.

Huge contingents from Chicago and Philadelphia filed in, the former largely in T-shirts, the latter in full uniform. Other big cities contributing include Baltimore, Charlotte, Cleveland, Harrisburg, Louisville and Tucson. Others came from state agencies, like the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.Others are from county or regional entities.

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