Is Dallas Police Chase Policy Letting Bad Guys Go?


Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle is criticizing officers whose patrol car video shows them speeding through school zones and flying along at 116 mph on a freeway in an effort to catch up with fellow cops tailing robbery suspects, reports the Dallas Morning News. Children can be seen on sidewalks as the patrol car races through school zones at up to 50 mph.

Under the department’s chase policy, officers can only go up to 20 mph over the speed limit while their lights and sirens are activated. The policy has been tightened in recent years, making it one of the nation’s most restrictive. “We understand that the police chief has put in place policies discouraging officers from chasing and catching criminals,” said Chris Livingston, attorney for one criticized officer. “I think the officers are doing their best to both do what the citizens want them to do and balance that with what Chief Kunkle wants them to do, which is let the bad guys go.”

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