Sealed Files Likely In Terror Case; Backpack Warning


Federal prosecutors may try to keep secret key portions of their case against an Aurora, Co., shuttle driver accused of ties to international terrorists, reports the Denver Post. The U.S. Attorney’s office served notice that it intends to use classified information gathered under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in the cases against Najibullah Zazi, 24, and his father, Mohammed Zazi, 53. Both men stand accused of lying to federal investigators about “a matter involving international and domestic terrorism” – charges filed after a cross-country investigation into an ill-defined plot to detonate explosives. A New York man also is charged.

Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. were warned yesterday to be on the lookout for backpack bombs on buses and commuter trains – the latest in a conflicting series of reports from federal agencies. Last week, a warning about hydrogen-peroxide-based bombs went to police agencies, but federal officials said they knew of no specific plot to attack Americans

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