NC Trooper: Sex Misconduct Firing Was Unfair


A former North Carolina state trooper wants his job back after being fired for having a drunken sexual encounter with another trooper’s wife in the back seat of a car headed home from a Christmas party, reports the Raleigh News & Observer. Timothy White 39, contends that he is being treated more harshly than other troopers accused of similar behavior.

State records show at least 27 cases of sexual misconduct by troopers on or off duty since 1998. While some troopers were fired, several who had extramarital affairs or behaved inappropriately were given lesser punishments and later were promoted. A consultants’ report last year recommended increased ethics training for troopers, especially regarding sexual behavior. “[The consultants] consistently heard from many veteran troopers that certain ethical lapses – particularly sex on duty – used to be tolerated and treated far more leniently than it is today,” said the report. “Indeed, during the focus group sessions, we heard patrol members of all ranks make comments to the effect that sex-on-duty has traditionally been perceived (or at least jokingly referred to as) an expected fringe benefit.”

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