MN City Pays $200K To Tasered Woman


Golden Valley, Mn., will pay $200,000 to Sandra Brown for a 2005 Taser episode, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Brown, 57, said she suffered bruises on her wrists and arm and went on anti-anxiety medicine for the first time in her life after the incident. She said she remains wary of police. “I would think twice before I dialed 911 even if I was in trouble,” she said. “I truly believed the police were there to protect you, and that belief is not so true anymore.”

As the use of Tasers has increased, so has debate about them. While officers consider them a safe, nonlethal form of controlling a suspect, others raise concerns about the danger of injury and possibly death from their use. Brown was Tasered while calling 911 after police had detained her husband for speeding. Officers said both were belligerent after drinking at dinner.

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