Marshals Service Still Seeks Alcatraz Escapees


The U.S. Marshals Service still is looking for Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin, who escaped from the Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco in 1962, says National Public Radio. U.S. Marshal Michael Dyke in Oakland says the case is still active because no one can prove they’re dead. Dyke spends many afternoons following leads and poring over old evidence photos.

The men made life vests that appeared able to float for many hours – plenty of time to make it to Angel Island, their destination two miles north. The FBI believes the men drowned in the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, but Devon Mecham, 14, was one of 600 people to swim to San Francisco from Alcatraz in July as part of a race called the Alcatraz Challenge, says , “Anyone can do this. It’s just scary to get in. A guy in a wheelchair did it.”

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