Defender Complains Of Media Leaks In Yale Case


New Haven’s head public defender is complaining about leaks to the media in the case of Annie Lee, cited the disclosure of her alleged killer’s name and his whereabouts at least twice before he was arrested, the Hartford Courant reports. “I think it’s outrageous that there are law enforcement authorities that are releasing details, and it’s inappropriate and something should be done about it,” said public defender Thomas Ullmann. “I called for an investigation and I also feel that, if it’s discovered who’s leaking this information, they should be fired.”

Police say that Le, a 24-year-old Yale University graduate student just days away from her wedding, was killed by lab technician Raymond Clark III, who was arrested last week. The case caught national attention after Le disappeared, in part because of the circumstances that made it compelling for average news consumers. Richard Slotkin, professor emeritus of American Studies at Wesleyan University, said the circumstances of Le’s death – in a secure workplace, just days before her wedding – made it the kind of story that can captivate an audience.

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