RI Massage Parlors Big Contributors To Police Charities


Rhode Island police organizations have found one business that's always willing to contribute. Asian massage parlors or “spas” in Providence that police and local watchdog groups maintain are often fronts for brothels, have for years donated to police association charities — and conspicuously displayed their support by plastering stickers with police logos on their doors and windows, reports the Providence Journal-Bulletin. They spread like wallpaper over the front door of one spa near a bus stop, in plain view of the waiting riders. At another spa , police stickers decorate the plexiglass receptionist window, along with logos noting that the spa accepts all major credit cards.

Some resemble police badges with the name of a police union, while others sport the five-pointed star trademark with the letters “FOP.” Representatives of police organizations expressed surprise and dismay about the stickers and vowed to make sure that fundraisers for their organizations avoid contacting these spas in the future. The president of the Rhode Island Troopers Association went further, ordering that the most recent $100 donation from a spa be refunded.

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