NC Gov Names Panel On Inmate Re-entry, Recidivism


North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue has named 34 members to a StreetSafe Task Force. Attorney General Roy Cooper and Department of Correction Secretary Alvin Keller will serve as co-chairs. The group will bring together faith-based organizations, non-profits, local and state government agencies, business leaders, and members of the community to develop a plan to combat recidivism and reintegrate offenders safely into the community. “By uniting the efforts of government, business and civic organizations, this task force will work to stop ex-offenders from committing new crimes,” Perdue said. “StreetSafe will give ex-offenders the support they need to successfully reenter society, which will make North Carolina safer for everyone.”

“Law enforcement officers too often see criminals they've arrested and convicted go right back to their old ways as soon as they get out of prison,” Cooper said. “Stopping criminals from repeating their crimes will make all of us safer. “With more than 28,000 offenders being released from our prisons each year, we need to do everything possible to help those people succeed and to keep them from coming back,” said Correction Secretary Alvin Keller. “StreetSafe will be a key part of that effort.”


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