Police Lineup Changes Adopted In 5 States


Police are dramatically changing the way they conduct lineups after a rising number of wrongful convictions based on mistaken identifications, says USA Today. At least five states – Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia – and some major cities have revamped or started changing the way law enforcement officials use photographic lineups to identify suspects. Dallas has conducted 1,400 lineups since changing its policy in April. Police Lt. David Pughes says “we’re bringing a stronger piece of evidence to court.”

Of the 242 people exonerated through DNA testing in two decades, about 75 percent of cases involved some form of mistaken eyewitness identification, says the Innocence Project, which attempts to exonerate the wrongfully convicted using DNA evidence. The project’s Stephen Saloom says the group is pursuing lineup changes in 10 states during the next year.

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