Long Island Cops Earn Well Over $100K


That cop who pulled you over probably pulls in more than you do, says Newsday. Seven of every eight county police officers on Long Island – a total of 4,587 – earned more than $100,000 in salary, overtime, and other pay last year. While average county police pay was nearly $106,000 in 2002, by last year it had climbed by 30 percent to $137,858 in Nassau County and $136,985 in Suffolk County for sworn officers of all ranks. Long Island workers brought home an average wage of $49,010 last year.

Police pay, a perennial sore point here, is again a big issue as Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy negotiates with the union for cost controls. Today he sends a 2010 budget to the printer that cuts 60 to 70 police jobs – language he says he’ll rescind if the union ratifies last week’s deal deferring $12 million in pay. Of police salaries in general, Amityville Mayor Mayor Peter Imbert said, “What price do you put on safety? We want the best.”

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