Ceasefire To Attack Gangs In Salinas CA


Law enforcement calling in convicts in the strategy often known as Ceasefire, warning them and offering them services, is coming to Salinas, Ca., says The Herald In Monterey County. When it was introduced on the East Coast 15 years ago, Ceasefire was seen as a radical experiment. With research reinforcing its claims of quickly lowering the number of gang murders by up to 75 percent, many are now calling the strategy revolutionary.

It has been dubbed Operation Peacekeeper, Safe Streets ,and The Boston Miracle. California’s version is called The Safe Community Partnership. Whatever the name, studies indicate that variations of it have been successful in dropping gang murder counts, usually within a year or two, in the roughest neighborhoods of Boston, Chicago and other cities. Even as Salinas residents complain that little is being done to stop murders from speeding toward record levels, the city has quietly launched a behind-the-scenes effort to get Ceasefire up and running. Unlike programs addressing the root causes of gangs and violence, Ceasefire has a simple goal: to lower the number of shootings.

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