Prison Revolving Door Spins For Some Fresno Ex-Cons


At least one in five inmates released early from Fresno County Jail over the past year already has landed back behind bars for crimes including murder and assault, says the Fresno Bee. From Sept. 2, 2008, through Aug. 20, at least 53 inmates released early from the jail — or 20% of all early releases — have been booked again on suspicion of other charges. The Bee analysis used records of jail releases and bookings, obtained from the Sheriff’s Office, and did not count those who may have been arrested outside Fresno County or merely cited.

Probation violations, drug possession and disorderly conduct were the most common charges, but some early-release inmates also have been arrested for violent crime such as robbery. For instance, one of the suspects in the July murders of a Kerman couple was released early days before their deaths. A federal court order requires the jail to release inmates when it reaches capacity, and other California counties also release inmates early to relieve overcrowding.

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