Feds Find Mixed Results On Officer/Inmate Sex


More than 100 federal corrections officials admit engaging in illegal sexual contact with inmates, and more than two dozen of them smuggled in weapons, drugs and more to cover up their misconduct, according to the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office. In a 122-page report, the office says progress in implementing programs to prevent staff sexual abuse has been “mixed,” despite a 2006 law that increased penalties for officials engaging in sex with prisoners, reports CNN.

The report did not address the issue of prisoner-on-prisoner sex. Prison officials told investigators they think the increased number of allegations reflects efforts in recent years to educate and encourage staff and inmates to report abuse. The report marks the government’s first look at the issue since 2005, when the inspector general called for tougher laws. The following year Congress increased the charge that could be filed against corrections officers for sex with prisoners from a misdemeanor to a felony.

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