After 19 Years, Victim Hopes DNA Will ID Attacker


The Houston Chronicle profiles Jennifer Schuett, now 27, who was abducted, raped, assualted and left to die in Texas when she was 8 years old. Her throat cut, she lay bleeding in an empty lot for 12 hours before a group of children stumbled upon her. Almost two decades later she is telling her story publicly, in hopes that the man who assaulted her will finally be caught.

Her decision to share her ordeal coincides with news that the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Va., is using new techniques to extract DNA from evidence in the case. The tests are expected to be completed within days. Officials hope that the results, coupled with a $10,000 reward for information offered this week by the Houston FBI office, will eventually lead to an arrest. Shuett credits Dickinson police Detective Tim Cromie and FBI Special Agent Richard Rennison with making the effort to have the FBI lab retest the clothing she wore during the attack.

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