Getting Away With Murder: The Norm In Detroit


At least 7 in 10 people who committed murder in Detroit last year have gotten away with it, says the Detroit News. The most generous interpretation of 2008 homicide warrants and convictions supplied by local law enforcement officials shows that in more than 70 percent of homicide cases no suspect has been identified, arrested, charged, or convicted of a killing.

“The reality is, we have a reputation in the state that if you want to commit a crime, come here,” said Kym Worthy, the Wayne County prosecutor. “The chance of arrest is quite low, the chance of prosecution is quite low. What does that say about the commitment to the public’s safety?” The Detroit Police Department reports 375 people were murdered in 2008, revising its number up from 306 after a Detroit News investigation into those statistics earlier this year. The prosecutor ruled 13 of those killings as justifiable or self-defense, lowering the number of criminal homicides to 362.

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