Dallas Vows To Fix Car Burglary Report Problem


After a Dallas Morning News investigation that exposed flaws in how Dallas police collect crime statistics involving car burglaries, officials must review of the system, said Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, chairman of the city council’s public safety committee. The News review showed a system that lets real crime fall through the cracks. Nearly all of the reported victims reached by the newspaper said they’d called the police department, reported the burglaries, and were never given any indication that their claims were not believed.

Ryan Evans, the first assistant city manager who oversees public safety, said that Police Chief David Kunkle would “incorporate safeguards to make sure this is fixed as quickly as it can be.” Evans said he was confident that the flaws are confined mostly to car burglary cases. “I just did some quick math, and if all thousand or whatever of these [cases] really were crimes, it would have a negligible impact on our overall crime rate,” he said. So far this year, about 16,000 car burglaries have been reported. About 8 percent of those carry the label “investigation of,” meaning not having been found credible. They are not recorded as part of the city’s crime statistics.

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