Offenders Seek NE Pardons For Minor Offenses


Amanda Schroeder was 19, when she was busted with 50 others for underage drinking at an outdoor party in Nebraska. Now she’s 28, has a master’s degree in social work and is a family therapist, but she must explain that conviction, says the Lincoln (NE) Journal Star. Potential employers want police notes that never existed, and files that no longer exist, so she is seeking a pardon.

Almost 60 percent of the 44 people seeking Nebraska pardons last month listed a job-related reason – law school, law enforcement, management, baby-sitting, notary, getting into the military. People who had no problems with jobs 10 years ago are finding their record trumps their job performance. Perhaps in a difficult economy, employers may be looking for any way to differentiate employees, said Attorney General Jon Bruning, a pardons board member. Requiring pardons for the smallest of crimes is “a ridiculous waste of time,” he said.

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