Dallas Police Fail To Report Vehicle Burglary Calls


Dallas police this year have labeled hundreds of car burglary reports untrustworthy, thus not reporting their existence to federal authorities who keep track of crime statistics, reports the Dallas Morning News. The procedure is one of several initiatives designed to bring down Dallas’ crime numbers in relation to other cities – or as police officials contend, to report more accurately the amount of crime actually taking place. A Morning News review of car burglary reports revealed a system that lets real crime fall through the cracks.

Dozens of people expressed surprise at learning that Dallas police did not consider the car burglaries they reported real. Among them were a rabbi, an accountant, and an ophthalmologist. Almost uniformly, those reached by the newspaper said they’d called the department, reported the burglaries, and were never given any indication that their claims were not believed. In most cases in which reports were found not credible, officers failed to document why. Police Chief David Kunkle said, “If that’s happening, that’s a failure on our part.” Police commanders have begun looking into how to fix the flawed system and take stock of how many real crimes have been left uncounted. Some of the reports reviewed by the Morning News have already been reclassified into crimes.

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