Supreme Court Justices Tell C-Span: We Are Family


U.S. Supreme Court justices apparently take change, including the recent addition of Sonia Sotomayor, very seriously, says the Washington Post. “To some extent, it’s unsettling,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. told C-SPAN as part of a series of broadcasts the network plans about the court. “You quickly get to view the court as () composed of these members, and it becomes kind of hard to think of it as involving anyone else. I suspect it’s like people look at their families.”

“It’s stressful for us because we so admire our colleagues,” added Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. “We wonder, oh, will it ever be the same?” “As far as the composition of the court, you’re bringing in basically — and this word can be overused — you’re bringing in a family member,” said Justice Clarence Thomas, who had served his entire career on the court with the man Sotomayor replaces, retired justice David H. Souter. “It changes the whole family. . . . You have to start all over. The chemistry is different.”

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