To Stop School Violence, Roll The Buses On Time


Peter Hermann of the Baltimore Sun writes that the solution to after-school violence can be simple. “Sometimes, preventing violence means getting the buses to run on time,” he writes. “That’s why the city’s school police chief, Marshall ‘Toby’ Goodwin, marched up and down the sidewalk on a street off Gwynns Falls Parkway on the opening day of classes, a BlackBerry pressed to his ear, barking orders, talking to a transit supervisor sitting in her SUV, pleading for help.”

“Students from one of three high schools inside the old Lemmel complex were pouring out, the first of three staggered and carefully choreographed dismissals. It was 2:30 p.m., and the students were right on time. But the MTA buses weren’t scheduled until 2:35 and 2:40 p.m. And the yellow buses Goodwin had organized to shuttle students to their Walbrook neighborhood and to the transit hub at Mondawmin Mall weren’t there either. Five minutes is an interminable time for teenagers,” Hermann wrote. He went on to say that the day ended without violence. He described it as “just one moment in the midst of the typical confusion on a typically frantic first day of a new school year in a sprawling school system of about 84,000 students.”

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