A Year After Protests, Crime Is No Better In Mexico


A year ago, tens of thousands of Mexicans filled the streets to demand safer streets and more honest cops. Yet, as activists marked the anniversary of those protests on Sunday, the collective momentum of a year past has yielded few concrete changes, says the Christian Science Monitor. While drug-trafficking violence fills headlines there, it is muggings, kidnappings and burglaries that concern the average Mexican. Kidnappings are up, more Mexicans report feeling unsafe, and slightly more say they have been victims of crime. And Mexicans still don’t trust the cops.

About 80 percent of citizens do not even bother to report crimes, despite government and civilian efforts to support victims. “We do not have a culture of reporting crime here,” says Elias Kuri, the national coordinator of “Light Up Mexico,” a nonprofit that organized the nationwide protests last year. “Mexicans feel that authorities are ineffective and dishonest; they fear that reporting crime to the authorities will make their problems worse.”

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