Programs Help Utah Women Cons Avoid Relapse


The Draper, Utah, prison was expected to run out of space for women by 2007. Instead, the booming growth rates suddenly leveled off and 50 beds sit empty, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. Corrections officials are uncertain what exactly has brought the relief, but they’re focusing on fending off future booms by making sure when women get out of prison, they stay out for good.

Spokeswoman Angie Welling said 65 to 75 percent of released prisoners return to prison at some point. But when they go through some form of programming, the figure falls to about 30 percent. With help from state funding for the preventative and rehabilitative programs, the department is now leaning on community organizations to bolster life-skills and usher them into crime-free lives. Corrections has combined a smattering of help through an umbrella program called YPREP (Your Parole Requires Extensive Preparation). It allows women to sign up for aid in building resumes, finding housing and getting medical care, among other things.

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