Profile: New DE Police Boss Seeks ‘Transparency’


Robert M. Coupe, the new superintendent of the Delaware State Police, said he is working to build trust among the 670 officers and 255 civilians he will lead by providing transparency in promotions, reports the Wilmington News Journal. The lack of transparency and openness was a problem he saw when he worked in the agency’s internal affairs unit. Coupe also said he wants more diversity on the police force.

Coupe promoted three women captains who will command three of the department’s eight troops. There are now a total of four women in those positions. Coupe, 48, grew up in Delaware. He has been a state trooper since 1985. In 24 years with the department, Coupe has worked in internal affairs and the homicide unit, as a troop commander, in the criminal investigations unit and as a training officer at the police academy.

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