Philadelphia Dominates PA ‘Dangerous Schools’ List


All 25 facilities on Pennsylvania’s list of “Persistently Dangerous Schools” are in Philadelphia, reports the city’s Daily News. Last year, there were 20 Philadelphia schools on the list. Five were dropped from the list, but 10 were added, including Northeast High, where actor Tony Danza is slated to co-teach an English class for an A&E reality show.

Though the number of dangerous schools has increased, the total number of violent incidents reported is down by 11 percent. The state defines a “persistently dangerous” school as one that meets any of the following criteria for this year and one of the two previous years: at least five dangerous incidents in a school with enrollment of 250 or less; dangerous incidents representing 2 percent of a school’s enrollment for schools with 251 to 1,000 students; 20 or more dangerous incidents in schools with enrollments exceeding 1,000. Each state is required by the No Child Left Behind Act to establish its own standards for identifying schools considered dangerous.

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