S.F. Chief Wants Amnesty For Minor Police Officer Offenses


Discipline cases against dozens of San Francisco police officers would be dismissed under an amnesty program proposed by new Chief George Gascón. Gascon told the San Francisco Chronicle he wants to see “the great majority” of about 75 discipline cases pending before the civilian Police Commission end with little or no punishment for officers accused of minor misconduct.

Those cases include charges such as use of inappropriate language, being discourteous, failing to fill out a police report properly, or a first-time misdemeanor drunken-driving arrest. They would also most likely involve first-time offenders rather than officers with a long history of complaints against them. “We don’t get anything out of taking a pound of flesh,” Gascón said. Cases involving more serious complaints, including harassment or use of unnecessary force, would be pursued and could end in termination.

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