Times: Crime-Skittish CA Assembly Dems Are Selfish


In an editorial, the New York Times castigates California politicians who are blocking meaningful prison reform in that state as they “put their parochial career interests ahead of the public good.” The paper says, “The time for ducking this issue has clearly passed, but a reform plan approved by the State Senate after being championed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in danger of being gutted in the Assembly. Democratic lawmakers who should know better are running scared of the prison guards' union and of being labeled ‘soft on crime.'”

The Times continues, “The reform package that passed in the Senate would allow the state to focus parole efforts on serious offenders and end the costly practice of cycling people back to jail for technical violations. Under another provision, low-risk offenders like the elderly and the infirm could be removed from costly medical care in prison and sent to alternative custody nursing homes.() This bill should have easily passed in the Assembly, which has a Democratic majority supposedly in favor of reform. But the Democrats, many of whom are running for other offices, are clearly fearful of even taking a vote that would allow a sick, 80-year-old inmate to spend what remains of his life in a nursing home wearing an ankle bracelet. This is a low moment for Democrats in California.”

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