Missing Women Cases Confound Georgia Agents


The hunt for a missing Blairsville, Ga., mom Kristi Cornwell has spawned more tips to come in for Tara Grinstead, a south Georgia teacher who was reported missing almost four years ago, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has spent two weeks searching for Cornwell, who was reportedly abducted while walking near her parents' home. The search for Cornwell, a 38-year-old former probation officer, has captured media attention across the nation. While the Cornwell case has brought in a few hundred tips, the Grinstead mystery has attracted thousands of tips and remains the GBI's largest case file.

There are 421 women over the age of 18 missing in Georgia. Most of the cases have turned “cold,” leaving investigators and families at a standstill. For investigators, it means an open case file, random emails from psychics claiming to have the answer, and having to let down family members. A boyfriend speaking by cell phone to Cornwell said she complained a car was following her. He then heard signs of struggle and Cornwell say “don't take me.” Investigators have combed sections of three states, interviewed sex offenders and reviewed hundreds of tips, but received no “significant” leads. This week, U.S. Marshals spent two days traipsing through woods in North Carolina after Fox's “America's Most Wanted” got a tip after Cornwell's family's appearance on the show.

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